Burned Douglas fir, lacquer & powder-coated steel frame

This sculptural table, crafted from Dinesen offcuts which would have been sold as firewood, undergoes the Japanese wood-burning technique Shou Sugi Ban, resulting in a striking black finish and unique texture. Originally designed for the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition themed ‘Pitch Black,’ I wanted to create a table which looked like it had just been pulled from the fire, yet keep a strong geometric shape.


Raised on a metal frame, it showcases the varied grain structures highlighted by flames. Shou Sugi Ban, typically used for exterior wood preservation, was adapted for durability while maintaining a natural aesthetic. Different surface treatments of the charred wood were tested in order to achieve a table which looked as natural as possible yet durable enough to withstand the test of everyday life. Collaboration with Alex Arethuse and Brdr. Krüger was instrumental in realizing this piece.


photo credit: Alexander Arnild Peitersen



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