Revolve for NERO


Plaster, hide glue, pigments & wax

A collaboration with designer Ragna Mouritzen, made for NERO design gallery in Arezzo, Italy. 


This project is a limited edition made exclusively for NERO design gallery. Based on our project Revolve, which is a contemporary reinterpretation of ancient stucco materials and molding techniques. Beginning with the two-dimensional lines from a running mold technique, a specially crafted turning machine transforms them into three-dimensional objects.


The objects are simultaneously built and decorated through the process of their making. The process of building up the layers to create the form is emphasized by using different pigments in each layer of the stucco material, making their creation very present in the finished object. The resulting objects are ambiguous pieces that exist somewhere in between function and sculpture.


photo and video credit: Nero design gallery, Flensted Mouritzen



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