Flecked – Dining Table


Mineral powder, water-based acrylic polymer & pigments

In every project, we try to challenge materials and production methods to create objects with new and meaningful stories. By mixing small amounts of pigments into a mixture of mineral powder and water-based acrylic polymer, we create carefully selected colours which we break into small colourful flecks.


The flecks are then mixed into the same material which is poured into moulds for the table top and the conical shaped base and then sanded back to reveal the flecks of colour.


“It looks a lot like Terrazzo, but when you look close, you start to see the different colours pop in an unusual way.” – Troels Flensted


Flecked – Dining Table was designed for a restaurant project in Saudi Arabia. The colour palette of the flecks was created in close collaboration with the client to match the interior in a subtle and understated way.


Collaborations on other versions, sizes and colours are possible by contacting us.

photo credit: Gianni Diliberto


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