Plaster, hide glue, pigments & wax

The starting point of this project is rooted in our interest in old stucco materials and moulding techniques. It has grown into a fascination with the two-dimensional line of the running mould technique being transformed through a specially created turning machine into a three-dimensional object.


Every piece begins with a line and through the building up of material, the three-dimensional manifestation of that line is created. The objects are simultaneously built and decorated through the process of their making. The process of building up the layers to create the form is emphasized by using different pigments in each layer of the stucco material, making their creation very present in the finished object. The resulting objects are ambiguous pieces that exist somewhere in between function and sculpture.


Originally designed for the 2018 RE F O R M Design Biennale at Munkeruphus, Denmark.


photo and video credit: Per Krogh & Benita Marcussen

Revolve is a project by Flensted Mouritzen – a design duo consisting of designers Troels Flensted & Ragna Mouritzen



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