Troels Flensted | Ember
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Burned Douglas fir, lacquer & powder-coated steel frame

Sculptural table treated with the Japanese wood-burning technique Shou Sugi Ban, to create a unique texture and a deep black colour. Made from Dinesen offcuts, which would have been sold as firewood.


Created in close collaboration with Brdr. Krüger for the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition under the theme ‘Pitch Black’, suggesting exhibitors to work with black as a colour and the absence of light.


Shou Sugi Ban is traditionally used as a natural treatment to prolong the life of wood used on exterior housing surfaces. Together with Brdr. Krüger, we carefully considered the grain structure of the leftovers and glued the pieces together in a way that would highlight the way the wood reacts to the fire, before turning it on their lathe.


Different surface treatments of the charred wood were tested in order to achieve a table which looked as natural as possible yet durable enough to withstand the test of everyday life.

photo credit: Alexander Arnild Peitersen & Alex Aretuse