Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling – MONO

Together with the designer Ragna Mouritzen, we’ve designed a sculptural bench for the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition (Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling) 2018. In close collaboration with Jotun Powder Coatings and Giessen BV, we’ve created a bench using the latest technology for powder-coating MDF. Based on the colours on the walls in Thorvaldsens Museum, Jotun has developed the colour for Uniform Bench specifically for us.

Uniform Bench addresses the theme MONO in its use of colour, form and material. The construction of the bench is based on a single repeated element, resulting in a form and a surface that spark an interplay of light and shadow that brings the monochrome surface to life. The colour is perceived to have an endless range of values, and so the piece explores how a colour can affect a form – and, even more importantly: how a form can affect a colour.


Flensted Mouritzen is a design duo consisting of Troels Flensted (founder of Troels Flensted Studio) and Ragna Mouritzen. Uniform Bench is their second collaboration. The first was Revolve for RE F O R M Design Biennale. See that project here…


About this year’s theme 

Wise hands

In a world where modern designer furniture is industrially manufactured and flat-packed abroad, the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition (Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling) has chosen to zoom in on craftsmanship. We do so because this year’s exhibition is launched in the exquisite setting of Thorvaldsens Museum, a fruitful combination of architecture and art, of craftsmanship and detailing, of big visions and uncompromising ideas. And because craftsmanship and the knowledge and skill that it represents is an anchor for our shared understanding of furniture, which must never be reduced to a fleeting fashion trend. Because wise hands are a fusion of hand and mind and a historical bond of material, technique, method and style – of, yes, culture.

MONO is this year’s theme, a prefix that sparks a range of associations: monochrome, monolith, monologue, monopoly, mono … This year’s exhibition is thus based on the members’ personal interpretations of simple, monochrome furniture that speaks for itself. If you could only create one piece of furniture, what would you choose?

The theme this year has the subtitle ’furniture with a maker’s touch’, because Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling carries on the cabinetmakers’ legacy while developing it to match the current times and possibilities. In this year’s exhibition the focus is on simple but excellent craftsmanship, manifest in 41 prototypes within a practical and specific framework of 90 x 90 cm in a single colour – either the natural colour of the wood or one of the rich and distinctive pigment tones from Thorvaldsens Museum.

As always, there are experimental, dedicated and hybrid furniture visions among this year’s exhibits – and the association’s members and guest exhibitors present furniture ranging from storage solutions to benches and chairs with many types in between. Freshly invented materials have also found their way to the museum, and classic woods and techniques show other sides of themselves in a clean and stringent set-up that in an homage to the museum architecture, interior and sculptures discreetly submit to the setting and make their statements as individual furniture surprises dotted throughout the permanent exhibition.

Welcome to Thorvaldsens Museum and welcome to the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition (Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling) 2018 MONO – furniture shaped by craftsmanship and insight.